Genuine craftsmanship – from concept to completion

RESCH Interiors have embodied all the skills of the South Tyrolean handcraft tradition for over 60 years. Today, the company employs more than 40 people in two locations: the carpentry shop in Gargazon and the new showroom in the Kardaun industrial estate.

With the opening of the 1,000 m² showroom in Kardaun, RESCH Interiors have set new standards in South Tyrol. Visitors can draw inspiration from countless facets of this traditional company in the showroom, where the exclusive kitchen world and global-concept hotel take centre stage.

The consultants at RESCH Interiors offer a professional approach to individual customer requests, and create no-obligation, end-to-end projects for a modern, comfortable lifestyle. And it is here that the real strength of RESCH Interiors comes to the fore: As a comprehensive service provider, RESCH Interiors plan, advise, produce and deliver everything in a single one-stop solution, including fabrics, upholstered furniture, flooring, curtains and lighting.

RESCH Interiors offer much more than ordinary interior design. The company transforms its ideas and visions into an across-the-board success. Traditional carpentry does not conflict with contemporary, original furnishings. Because it is only through blending tried-and-tested methods with new ideas that RESCH Interiors can follow a modern, customer-friendly route that leaves all options open. RESCH Interiors is a company that never loses sight of its roots.

RESCH Interiors GmbH ...

have embodied all the skills of the South Tyrolean handcraft tradition for over 60 years

RESCH Interiors GmbH

KARDAUN – Gewerbegebiet/Industrial area 23

T +39 0471 09 52 00

Opening times:

9 am - 12.30 pm + 2 – 6.30 pm

SAT 9 am - 12 pm
July and August closed on Saturdays


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