33 x South Tyrolean Classics - our cookbook from the Dolomites

There are many gastronomic delights to discover in the South Tyrolean cuisine, nothing is quite like it. It is not by chance that these traditions are once again popular in our restaurants.
“South Tyrolean Classic” presents pleasurable delights for the taste buds that will hopefully inspire you to rediscover cooking as something natural and a sensual experience. “The originality is in the quality”. In this spirit, this book doesn’t just want to be an optical inspiration, but also a true companion in everyday life. Wine also doesn’t get missed out as according to the proverb, “a country without wine has no great cuisine”. Each dish has been photographed without the use of any artificial effects, just through the lens of the camera.
All good things are easy, that is why the majority of the dishes in this book are easy to prepare. In order to make sure that the recipes can be easily made, we have each tried them in a private kitchen without the use of professional equipment. Each recipe is coded with a difficulty degree for easy orientation. The seasonal range of produce was also important to us when creating this book. We hope that everyone enjoys cooking the dishes and has pleasure eating them.

Your authors
Helmut Bachmann, Heinrich Gasteiger und Gerhard Wieser

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