Anyone who stops getting better has stopped being good

- Eduard Mörike

Since the foundation in 1977

the company has developed constantly and consistently into a landmark of the regional gastronomy and hotel industry. Always pioneering with innovative ideas new trends and services were brought into the local market.

In those years, the concept of the complete outfitter was adopted, and the company has positioned itself with a unique service- and customer oriented 360° range in the non-food sector

Confidence and passion is the beginning of everything

"The trust of customers in us, in our services and the trust in long-term partners and competent employees is part of the secret of success – right from the beginning"

High performance is our claim

"Our primary goal is to provide the best service to our customers through optimal warehousing and delivery, quality product selection and competent, consistent service. We believe in regional gastronomy, its potential in the future and their importance to our country and that is why we want to continue to develop and invest in this future. "

Miko - Gallery of gastronomy…

since 40 years our competent partner of gastronomy

MIKO GmbH/srl

Via Pillhof 3-5
39057 Frangarto

Tel. +39 0471 633 633
Fax +39 0471 633 200

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