Gourmet Hax

The Alpine Kräuterhaxe (a knuckle of pork seasoned with herbs) is a new specialty from the House of Recla. It is quick and easy to prepare (20 minutes cooking time in the oven or in boiling water). The knuckle of pork seasoned with alpine herbs is a delicious main dish - either solo or combined with a serving of vegetables - and can be enjoyed in many different ways:

  • in a sandwich with mayonnaise, mustard or other sauces
  • chopped up into small pieces, served with horseradish or quark with chives
  • in combination with polenta, potato purée, rosemary risotto or egg noodles
  • with coleslaw, steamed cabbage or savoy cabbage
  • with lentils, artichokes, green beans or mixed vegetables
  • cut into strips with fresh radish and olive oil

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