Founded in 1999 in Nals and "Why we just taste different"

Our bread is fortunate to be born in "your" Nalser bakery since 1999, because here they can be as they are by nature: healthy and tasty! Right from the beginning Manfred Öggl, inventor of Mein Beck, put the focus only on the highest quality and the people who guarantee for it.

We are specialized in avoiding annoying stomach growling. Check out Mein Beck as a bake shop, in Leifers and with a chilling café in Marling, Eppan and Lana as well as on the farmer’s markets (from Meran to Neumarkt), and visiting our sales partners (from Schlanders to Salurn), and on many tables of South Tyrolean hotels and restaurants of many different types. They all benefit of our daily freshness service.

Our "bread rolls" love it when they taste to you!

We offer our customers delicious and exceptional baked goods and pastry products. Both made of carefully selected raw ingredients. In addition, our products get enough time to mature and impress with an outstanding, constant product quality and our exceptional, artisanal production.

We, the Mein Beck team, are extremely tolerant. Each roll must look different from its neighbour; we are convinced. It would be really scary, after all, because each one has its own individuality and is often made by hand.

Our bread is made of almost 98% love. The rest are high quality grains, purest water, natural salt and spices.

High quality since 1999

Mein Beck Gmbh/srl

Zollstraße 5
I-39010 Nals

Tel: +39 0471 678 652
Fax: +39 0471 677 577

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